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Mostly boring report: JAB12


The sessions I went to people I drank a beer or two with. I also had few work related meetings that went quite good (at least it seemed so at the time).

Take destiny in your hands or "just do it"

“We take control of Joomla in our jobs, by our volunteering, by our involvement”

Jerremy had one of the few good sessions I attended and his main point was – if you want to claim Joomla back, do it by doing. “Just go out and make it happen”

And don’t be mistaken, Jerremy is not just talking, he is also setting an example trough his Square CMS Joomla distribution.

Open translators – helping Joomla extensions speak your language

Guys from the team (as Hillary was missing – again, there was only guys) presented Open translators, their organization and Trasifex tools they use for translating components. Good idea, good people, good results. Join with your project and you won’t regret it.

Bootstraping Joomla

Kyle presented his work on new admin interface and implementing Twitter Bootstrap in Joomla. From my point of view – even if you are not a big fan of Boostrap, this means admin interface will now be based on some sort of standards that all component will need to conform too and all this means it will be much, much, much easier to create a new template working from the box, that it used to be.

Words from a true believer

There is one god and there is also the holy trinity in Joomla. And they say let it be unified content model. Not that this concept comes anything close to beeing new, but as it comes from the trinity it is presented as the revelation. And if anyone has a doubt in my words , please, take a look at the pictures. It was american kind of religious experience, comparable only with Ryans extatic performance.

On the serious side – IF implemented properly this could actually move Joomla into present century. But as those that know how to program usually hold their hands away from the keyboards when implementation comes to table, I’m seriously afraid that this will be done by true believers hoping to get to the revelation by trying often enough. The devil lies in details.

Yet another CCK

RedComponents team presentend a brand new, Red CCK.

Well - RedComponents has an impressive range of excellent extensions and services in their portfolio, e.g. RedSHop is one killer webshop application, but this extension is really not something Joomla needs – there are just more than enough CCK’s out there.

We are the stars. Wannabe stars (leadership presenting themselves).

The Leadership in the front row. And we, the lower people in the audience. They’ve put their faces on display and answered few questions. Also some “Joomla rocks” screams by the fanatic crowd were induced.

I worked at the Ebay and now I work at Sears and we are hiring

Seriously, wtf this session was about? How to self promote?

And then, as if this would not be enough, at the point where the audience was totally borred, Ryan entered the room singing and running through the hall like madman just released from the institution. Sorry, but this was too much for my taste, thought I was at Amway convention or that I mistakenly entered some “Praise the lord” type of event for a minute or two.


Everything is mobile and mobile is everyting

One of sessions I attended that had some value in it. Not that it brought any radically new concepts – it was mainly a puzzle made of famous responsive design though leaders quotes, but the discussion afterwards was interesting and it is ok to refresh knowledge of this things from time to time.

Only thing that was missing was a bit of critical distance on the Seths side - not everything is made of content and nonverbal communication still conveys majority of the meaning, even if Luke Wroblewski or Ethan Marcotte would not agree

Brians awards

Like in all previous event Brian gave himself few awards. Again. Yes, jury was an independent one. Not funny anymore and the same goes for the jokes. Calling a project that has 111,971 lines of code and openly exists on the Github a Vaporware is not a joke, it is showing your true colors in a very obvious way.

As each year a few right people got the awards (like the hardworking bugsquaders Michael Babker & Rouven Wessling) but on the other hand we again felt the strong presence of Brians business partners and of course - himself.

Jooseta stone

Builds on Joomla core multilingual and enhances it. Can’t see too much use in this, but I guess I would have to try to give more definite judgment.

Joomla co-author, webdesigner, php programmer and a creative mind.
A rebel with a big mouth that is proud to be banned by the Joomla project.
Klas10 August 2012
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